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Not Meant For This Art Post

Welcome to the Art post for ‘Not Meant For This’ by trollmela. Before doing this challenge I can't say I was a huge Adam fan, almost I attribute most of that to lack of exposure. Hence why I signed up to begin with! I went into this hoping to find that foothold into seeing Adam as a kickass and engaging character in his own right, and 'Not Meant For This' was all that and more. I loved every single bit of it and have been converted into a fan. Not it's your turn, so go~ and Enjoy! ♥

Also, the Icon I chose was deliberate. ::Grins::

This isn't actually everything but due to some technical difficulties I don't have anyway to scan in any of my other pieces while at home. So, they won't be up until Saturday. Apologies people. And my people, I mean my wonderful and lovely author. ::sad face::

Not Meant For This Cover
Not Meant For This

This started out as Adam and just kinda devolved into cover art. Huh.

Just Adam
Adam Single

Solo of Adam from Cover. I just had this meant mental image of Adam (during like, the whole thing) just being all, 'fuck that noise. How is this my life?' Hope that came across.

Michael Icon
Michael Icon

Michael Icon derived from cover art. I don't even know. Seriously. This shit just sorta happened, maybe I was high on geometric configurations? IDEK.

Special Thanks to my author for her part in my conversion to Adam!Fandom and for being all-around Incredible! The story and characters were lovely and engaging and snug-worthy. :D I was proud to be able to create art for this piece! I'll get the rest up for you soon~

Thank you Mods for being such BAMFs. Seriously I hold nothing but respect. I can’t imagine how you do it and stay sane. We appreciate it all the same though.&hearts


Aug. 3rd, 2012 09:43 pm (UTC)
Really, my thanks goes to you! The cover art of Adam is really hilarious. Is it just me or does Michael look angry? I don't know, but the longer I stare at that icon, the more I imagine I see. I think it's hypnotizing me, and before long I'll get high, too.

Anyway, I'm very happy to hear I've managed to convert you to a new ship :D Thank you so much for the art! Technical difficulties are evil but unfortunately they happen to everyone at the most inconvenient of times. I look forward to seeing those scans when you can post them :)

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